Merget, Marlene Fulgence

†06.05.2018, Ruhestätte: Waldfriedhof, Bad Homburg

Malaika Merget


Simone Kiefer


Ina Ahrens


Ulrike Möller


Guy Mambou


Man liebt seine Mutter 
fast ohne es zu wissen 
und ohne es zu fühlen,
weil es so natürlich wie leben ist; 
und man spürt bis zum Augenblick
der letzten Trennung nicht,
wie tief die Wurzeln dieser Liebe hinabreichen. 
Guy de Maupassant

Malaika Merget, am 13.06.2018

Exactely one year after you have left, I discovered into Google search that you are no more in this world. Four weeks ago, I was trying to get in touch with you by calling all your phone numbers, but none was ringing. It is like that, I stranded on Google to check again about you, then I saw the messages from your employee (RV Bank) as the message of this institut Eckhardt.

R.I.P. dear Marlène (Marlène Dietrich as I used to call you).

May the Angels welcome the Angel Marlène

Thank you you my Sister and Friend for short time we knew each other.

Guy Mambou 

Guy Mambou, am 31.05.2019

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